Pumped Up Strength

Revolutionizing Group Strength Classes with our Rhythmic Progression Method!

Pumped Up Strength Instructor Certification

A Pumped Up Strength class is broken up into blocks with each block finishing with one dynamic strength flow. Instructors will learn our progressive layering technique to easily break down and teach each block. This teaching method allows students to easily learn the choreography in a way that leaves everyone feeling successful and minimizes downtime which maximizes results!

Pumped up strength uses music and progressive periodization to help students challenge themselves and see results faster. We are proud to partner with FitRadio to bring our instructors the hottest custom mixed music each month! We use the music to motivate and invigorate our participants by releasing one high energy mix at the beginning of the month and then reigniting the class with a mid-month themed playlist (yes, you get a custom made themed playlist every single month).

Along with this mid-month release, you will also receive our suggested program progressions so you can take your students to the next level by easily layering in new challenges and exercises. This keeps the choreography fresh without requiring extra work memorizing an entirely new class and helps prevent plateaus!

Our Rhythmic Progression Method combines great music, creative exercise design, and a proven teaching game plan to produce a top notch group fitness experience every time!


Here’s How We’ve Made It Easy To Teach:

Done for you programming your students will love. Every month, Pumped Up Strength instructors will receive detailed choreography notes, class blueprint to use for easy reference, downloadable playlists, and cueing tips so you are ready to rock your classes from day one.

Custom mixed playlists by the Pumped Up Strength Team and a DJ. These mixes are crafted to be the perfect beats per minute for your Pumped Up Strength class, build the energy throughout class, and span multiple genres and decades to keep all of your students coming back week after week!

A themed class is released every month with accompanying marketing materials to help you turn your regular Thursday 9 AM class into a party!

Scientifically designed progressions are built into the program to keep your students progressing and seeing results even faster.

No licensing fee for the club/studio!


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