Fit Biz Club Workshops

The Fitpreneurs MBA

Interested in learning more about branding, social media, email marketing, or passive income? Our On-Demand workshops cover those topics and more! Best part is you can watch them any time anywhere!

Fit Biz Retreat

Phoenix, AZ – August 14th – 17th

Join us for an intimate weekend of CEU’s, business building, and bonding at the most beautiful resort in Arizona!

Together, we’ll dive deep with how to build, market, and scale your fitness brand. Earn 20 *NASM/AFAA/ACE CEU’s while shaping a business plan that will help you shine in this digital age–whether you’re a solo instructor, studio owner, or online entrepreneur.

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What's Working NOW on Instagram for Fit Pros

Instagram changes faster than we change our choreography or training plan and what is working for the “social media experts” doesn’t always translate to fitness. So how in the world are you supposed to keep up and use Instagram to grow your fitness business? Let us show you! In this 4 hour workshop we share our best tips and tricks for what is working on Instagram for fitness professional RIGHT NOW!

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Email Marketing Templates for Fit Pros

Are you tired of staring at a blank page wondering what you should write? Let us do the work for you with our proven email templates specifically designed for fitness professionals! Take a couple quick minutes to slide in your business name and fitness offer to these done-for-you templates specifically for the fitness professional, and you are ready to hit send and start engaging with your community.

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Be A Boss 2020 Collection

If virtual class platforms, Instagram algorithms, and music licensing leave your mind spinning–you’re not alone. The Be A Boss Collection will help you kick your business into high gear with our 6 most popular workshops!

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Branding Basics for Fitpreneurs

Branding doesn’t have to feel so lofty. Taking your cues from your ideal customer, we’ll show you how to work backwards from there to create a brand that speaks directly to her/his heart and instantly earns her trust.

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Growing Your Income as A Fitness Professional

You shouldn’t have to choose between paying your bills and doing what you love. Explore your options to expand your income–without beating up your body or driving from studio to studio. You were made for more! Let’s go behind-the-scenes of the fitness industry together and match-make you with the perfect fitness career.

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Leveraging Social Media for Fitness Professionals

Demystify the inner workings of social media to grow your audience, build community, and expand the impact of your fitness business to new customers.

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You've Got Mail! Email List Building Essentials for Growing Your Fitness Empire

Putting off email marketing because you’re not sure what the deal is with email service providers, freemiums, and landing pages? It’s actually a whole lot simpler than you think! Let us break it down for you.

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Lights, Camera, Mics, Oh My!

Whether you offer livestream classes, or dream of creating an on-demand prerecorded workout program, you don’t have to muddle through it alone! Tripods, lighting, lens attachments, music licensing legalities, streaming platforms, and membership sites–we’ll walk you through it all step-by-step based on your end goal.

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Make Money Off The Clock: Saving your Body, Sanity, And Schedule Through Passive Income

Gone are the days when the only way to earn income as a fitness instructor is to show up, teach a class, and take home the same paycheck week after week. With fitness going digital, the opportunities to memorialize your work and keep earning on it over time are plentiful! Passive income allows you greater flexibility than ever, provides a safety net during changing times, and provides you with an open-ended earning potential.  Let us help you jump on the passive income train.

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Work Less; Earn More. Time Saving Strategies And Organizational Systems To Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan

Let’s slide into your fitness business goals together by identifying a goal-setting process, putting yourself on a schedule, using technology to help you stay on track, leveraging your time with income streams that are working even when you’re not, and outsourcing some of the work to professionals (for a lot less than you think!)

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